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Tub Teaz - Skin Sensation

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Bath time has never felt so good! Experience the power that relaxing Tub Teaz can bring. We all know the benefits of tea internally. Well, it's just as powerful externally. The combination of the soothing effects of hot water and power of herbs lets your body relax and take in the plant's nurturing benefits through your skin. Providing benefits like improved skin tone and texture to support for pain and inflammation. This powerhouse blend includes Rose, Chamomile, Calendula, and Colloidal Oats. Your skin will be in love with this nourishing bath tub ritual. Try a daily cup of tea with Tub Teaz.

Ingredients: Dried Rose, Dried Chamomile, Dried Calendula, Colloidal Oats

Simply scoop contents into tea filter bag and place it in hot/warm water. Let it steep for 5 minutes. Step in and enjoy!

Small: steeps 1 bath.  Large: steeps ~5 baths.

Type: Handcrafted