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What is Old is New Again

Our ancestors knew the value of living harmoniously with nature. Their ways, the old ways of treating injuries and disease using what is in nature, are now at the forefront of medicine in a new way. Our ancestors knew the benefits of plants in healing. Community nurses’ bags were filled with barks, leaves, and roots to help soothe sickness, aid in childbirth, and treat injuries.

At Naturamedic we create essential oil blends, salves, tinctures, and bath products using old family recipes with a modern twist. We believe that self-care is the first step in preventing disease (dis-ease) in the body. A healthy body creates space for a healthy spirit.

We source the best ingredients for all of our products, including our new CBD offerings. 


About Us

It all started with the birth of my son who was diagnosed with severe asthma and eczema. I wanted to find a natural product that would clear his skin, without all the chemicals in the prescription creams. There were also my own health issues starting with the onset of Type 2 diabetes and some years later a back injury that required surgery, to be clear...three procedures at the same time. It was brutal. After the painkiller cocktail that I received, my body made it abundantly clear that those chemicals were not appreciated nor would be tolerated. These were just a few of the catalysts spurring this journey. And a journey it is, of continuous learning. I decided to learn more about alternatives including energy healing and becoming a Reiki Practitioner, taking classes in Aromatherapy as well as harnessing the knowledge from my grandmothers and ancestors. Learning, as my ancestors did, how to work with Nature. My passion was born! I still remember chatting with my sisters about all of the REALLY NASTY concoctions my grandmother, my dad, and others used to use when we were sick or hurt. 

Fast-forward to 2014, my son now healthier and with opened airways, he was even able to join NJROTC and loved orienteering as well as all the other activities that he was able to enjoy. Hey, I tried to enjoy running through the woods with him once. And only once. But, I supported him in other ways. It was there that I was able to help others with the blends I had created when someone needed it. The times that I was able to use what I knew to take care of them gave me great joy. It bears mentioning that I was also able to manage diabetes and the pain from surgery using natural means. And, still do. So...at the urging of a friend, Naturamedic was born.

It is the birth of my passion for helping others and applying ancestral knowledge of Nature's love that leads me create blends that are natural and environmentally friendly.

We are a woman founded and led, family run business taking pride in our passion for service to the community.

I wish my grandmother could see me now. A nurse by profession, in her personal life she grew medicine in her backyard. Plants and herbs became teas, tinctures, and tonics. She would be proud!


Naturamedic's Mission

Our mission is to provide our community with a friendly and exceptional customer experience while providing bath, body, skin, and overall self-care products with natural ingredients to enhance the journey to wellness.