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Pampered Beauty Total Luxury Skincare Regimen

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A pampered beauty is a woman with an unparalleled reverence for herself and an intense need to look her best at all times. Pampered beauty is the type of woman that needs products she can trust when it comes to taking care of herself from head to toe, because she takes every detail into consideration when selecting them. Everything from quality, ingredients, size, fragrance, packaging - everything matters. She knows exactly what her skin needs and how much love it deserves so she follows a strict regimen daily built around natural skincare gifts from nature's bounty which have been carefully selected just for her nourished pores and beautiful outlook on life!

Pampering your skin is the ultimate "me time" luxury. This specially tailored skincare regimen will take care of all of your needs, from cleansing to moisturizing to protecting. Pampered Beauty Skin Luxe Facial Cleanser deep cleanses, refreshes, and removes makeup, dirt, grime and excess oils from the skin. Rosehip Seed and Hibiscus Cream Moisturizer is formulated to target signs of aging with it's blend of moisturizing ingredients. AHA Exfoliant with Jojoba Beads + Blue Tansy exfoliates your pores while simultaneously restoring natural radiance. Supreme Luxury Facial Serum rehydrates thirsty skin leaving it feeling supple-soft on contact while Nourishing Face Oil gives instantaneous relief for dry patches or itching on the skin thanks to its conditioning properties. There are no hastily grabbed bottles in a pampered beauty's medicine cabinet. This girl only stands behind the most elegant aesthetic from nature’s fruitful bounty.

Cultivate luxurious vitality in your skin routine today!

Type: Skin Care